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Situated in the greater Boston Massachusetts area Mystique is undeniably a true world class facility offering multi-level exploration of the Dominant Arts.  Under Goddess Brianna's leadership, the Mystique organization has become the definative benchmark standard of discretion, safety, cleanliness, professionalism and diversity, with an uncanny ability to meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail that only a select few dungeons worldwide can approach.

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Quite simply put, Mystique is an organization of dominant and submissive women who genuinely enjoy the bdsm, fetish and fantasy lifestyle and who have come together because they share in a common vision and goal. The vision is to bring their individual skills & talents together for the collective good and benefit of all who visit here to partake of the Mystique experience. The goal is to be continuously regarded as being among the very finest of fetish dungeons worldwide. To this end, we have been and continue to be very successful. We are extremely proud of who we are, what we stand for and in what we can and do offer consistently to each of our valued clients.

Without exception, every mistress or submissive who considers this organization their home is held to a very high standard. Each is hand-picked by the Head Mistress, Goddess Brianna. She is a well respected and very experienced   (i.e.advanced) Dominatrix. She has a proven track record and is regularly recognized as being among the very finest in her field. Brianna is originally of New York City’s Pandora’s Box fame and she has also traveled to and spent time in a number of Europe’s best dungeons.   Brianna’s individualism, uniqueness, experience, talent, beliefs and a genuine passion for and about the bdsm arts and fundamentals, ensure that Mystique consistently delivers the ultimate in bdsm, fetish, fantasy and role-playing scenarios to its widely varied clientele.

While from a would-be client’s perspective, what is offered here at Mystique is often all just about fantasy and fun & games, we of the Mystique organization are all business when it comes to adhering to a very strict set of well-established, industry-accepted procedures and codes of ethics. We offer non-judgmental & supportive treatment, absolute discretion, safety and cleanliness. Everyone here takes this whole process very seriously and always considers a clients safety and security as paramount in any given session or situation. The truth is, although this is a place where you come to “let your hair down”, the staff at Mystique never lets their guard down. While the more experienced (seasoned) players sometimes arrive here ready to be impressed, often the novice will have some apprehensions about the whole professional domination process, even before he or she arrives at the front door. Overwhelmingly we hear from these clients that we have exceeded their expectations across the board – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Of course, the real proof is in the fact that these same clients keep coming back again and again to experience the Mystique difference.

One last point and very important to our way of thinking here at Mystique: We are GENUINE and NOT posers or “wannabees.”   There is a reason that the majority of others in the scene usually do not and will never offer same-day appointments or for that matter offer any initial appointments without referrals or frequent letters/emails, pictures first, etc. They have either one or a combination of the following going on with them: they either do not have a dedicated commercial play space, do not have the necessary experience, skills or talents to dom/sub effectively, or they suffer from anxiety or fear due to and relevant of either their lack of experience, an appropriate play space or limited skills/intuitions when dealing with strangers. In short, being a professional dominatrix or submissive means that you MUST possess an equal measure of all of these things, in addition to and an acceptance of the fact that you are in a profession that demands you be on top of your game. In our not-so-humble opinion, if you will do anything in the adult scene just to make a buck, then you are probably not doing justice to the business of professional domination/submission. In other words, if you can’t take the heat of the cooking, then get out of the kitchen and let a real chef take care of the meal!

In summary, we sincerely believe that wherever you may be from or whatever your experience level may be, novice through very advanced – you will not find a better staffed, more well-equipped, clean, safe and “upscale & cool” facility anywhere in the northeast region. You owe it to yourself to experience the Mystique difference and we look forward to the opportunity of exceeding your expectations across the board in terms of our wonderful multi-room facility and our first-class, dedicated and talented lifestyle staff.      

The Mystique Philosophy